So Many Hats

Doing everything yourself means ending up wearing so many hats.. Starting with a dream, we are willing to work hard to achieve our goals and sometimes it feels like we have to do everything ourselves. It’s hard to make the right choices, to choose the right services and even working harder does not get us where we wish to be. According to this Stanford University Study you can actually harm your brain and have up to a 40% lower productivity rate.

In today’s world we have to wear so many hats. From working the storefront to finding new customers and making sure we have stock on hand, services to offer and then face the challenge of reaching those customers and handle the accounting, hiring of the right employees it can be a daunting task.

Small Business Experience

Having the right kind of help is imperative to getting our dream to success. Windemere Design offers small businesses a support system to take some of those hats off your shoulders. We have decades of small business experience in multiple fields and our clients enjoy a sounding board for their ideas and solutions for many of the problems that challenge a small business owner. We also have talented people that can take care of social media, website design and maintenance, print and graphic design and email campaigns that make a difference in your business image. A great image puts your best foot forward to your potential and existing client base. We also know many professionals that we can refer you to, people that we have worked with personally and can verify their reputation in their industries.

Let us help you get where you want to go, have some fun and enjoy working with creative small business people that understand you and your business.