Take your Dream

You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t have a dream. To take your dream to success needs a plan Dreams are what make small business types great and willing to work hard to achieve success. We are small business people too and have a passion to help people get to the place they envision. Whether you want a restaurant, bar, beauty or nail salon, a roller rink or family entertainment center or a more professional business like a lawyer or doctor we can help you  present and market your business.


We have specialized in roller skating rinks and family entertainment centers while operating the largest roller rink in the Midwest. Orbit Skate Center was an iconic rink with a huge floor and located in Cook County Illinois. The rink closed after 46 years and will be remembered by many. Learning to market and advertise to a wide audience gave us the expertise to help other facilities grow. Lessons learned along the way gives us a unique perspective into the small business entertainment market.

Lessons Learned

One of the biggest lessons learned was with a brick and mortar location the old adage “Open the doors and they will come” just doesn’t work anymore. You have to go out and get your customers with every avenue you can before your competition does. We will spend time learning about your dream, your vision and what you wish to accomplish. People want more than advertising and marketing, while they are certainly an important component, do not form the personal relationship with you that is necessary to retain your customers long term.

Let’s Go!

If we can get started when you do, even before you start we can be with you every step of the way. From planning to offering advice and implementing the proper tools for online and in print marketing we will help you achieve your dream so you can enjoy success! Give us a call at 847-489-1790 and let’s get started!