Online Presence – Be Seen

Small businesses have a hard time with online presence. From a great website to social media, blog posts to reputation management it is time consuming and takes business owners away from what they should beOnline presence graphic doing like spending time with their customers! Most small business owners have no idea where to begin. We spend time putting together a strategy to determine which social networks and media platforms are worthwhile along with securing and setting up a website that speaks your message and encourages customers to take action with the right information that empowers them to contact you online, visit your office or brick and mortar store.

Everyone is familiar with social review sites like Yelp, and not many have positive things to say because this type of site allows people to post whatever they wish about your business and there is no verification system in place to make sure the postings are genuine and the experience was related fairly. What is good is that you can respond and use those reviews to learn about your customers and teach your employees to better handle customer service issues. Responding is important whether the review was positive or negative and knowing how to respond is where we come in. Reviews are part of your online presence and a critical part of your reputation.

Social media postings are an important part of what we offer our clients. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with content or ideas and having an outside view can open new worlds of ideas! For instance, a company that sells home goods might have postings about decorating, cooking and composting. Showing their products in use with these articles is a great way to expose customers to ideas they might not have had before. You really want to engage your audience, get feedback on your posts and offer a service that you might need. Having social media posts on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram that link to landing pages is a great way to foster further contact with that customer.

Having well designed print materials to give to your customers when they visit your office or store is a great way to keep your business in the front of their minds. Brochures, Postcards and other printed material can compliment your online presence and designing around a common theme creates a consistency that stands out. Remember the ‘jingle’? A song that brings a product to mind? How about this one: Anticipation…..anticipation is making me wait…if you guessed a child holding a ketchup bottle you got it!

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