Some ramblings about customer service:

No, the customer isn’t always right. How many times have you encountered the impossible person that cannot be satisfied no matter what you do. Most of us don’t aim for 100% satisfaction, taking into consideration that some people are just rude, ignorant and want everything to be free. That being said, let’s deal with the customers that we choose to keep and want to see again and again. They are  ‘guests’  in your business just like the guests you have at your home. all of us want to have places we enjoy going for business interactions whether it is to purchase a product or learn something we wish to acquire. 

Customer Service Cartoon with a dog and a cat looking at a computer

Your customers deserve honesty and integrity and there’s little of that today in most areas of business.  With all the online choices in today’s world, customers are savvy and smart. They’ve probably checked your social media profiles and pricing on the products they are interested in purchasing. When you as a customer are out in the world shopping or even trying to get your cell phone serviced, what was your experience with that particular merchant? Did you feel important or that even mattered? Was the staff on site engaging with your or trying to give you minimal attention while distracted by other customers, on their cell phones or didn’t have the answers you needed?

The thing I really like about Google since they began is how simple their page was. A box to put my wishes in and magically get answers in the form of choices. I could choose the site I wanted to visit, find the information quickly and not be bombarded by lots of advertising. What sets you apart from your competition? is your product easily accessed through a clear and simple website that doesn’t bombard your customers? Can they find what they want? If you have a contact from your website by a customer, how fast is it answered and information provided?

Customer Service Suggestion: Clean up your website, make sure your customers can navigate it easily and find the information they need. If you get an email from a customer, answer it quickly and completely and be sure to thank them for their question. Customers have tons of choices out there today! At the end of your email be sure to sign it like you would a written letter and be sure to have your contact information and a tagline about your business along with your social media icons.

One of my favorite taglines: Building relationships, designing solutions.