About Windemere Design

We've come a long way

Joining Forces with Family

Windemere Design is our new name!

December 2021 ~ The pandemic affected everyone and changed the way we do business. Working from home, businesses had to adjust to ‘the new normal’ and we are no different.

New Normal

With a new grandchild in the family after 15 years, our youngest daughter Jessica, enjoying a sucessful career with Ulta Beauty corporate made the decision to be a full time Mom and join Sandra in the design business and we rebranded to reflect our new status!

Name Change

ELevin Design became Windemere Design. Windemere is the street of the home where the kids grew up and Jess felt it ‘had a story’.

The End of an Era

Coming from a business background in the insurance industry, Sandra found the perfect job for a newly single parent with young children.

Insurance Life

Working for New York Life and going through the extensive training involved in becoming an insurance agent left her with a great foundation for future business endeavors. Small business owners have a passion to succeed no matter the number of hours they had to spend to achieve their goals. When an opportunity to take over one of the largest roller rinks in the country presented itself, it was a win win for not only herself but her employees.

The Rink Years

She bought the rink in 1992 with her family and completely renovated the Orbit. 24 years later, Orbit is known for its family friendly environment, great staff and parties for kids, adults, schools, corporations and charitable organizations. Believing that giving is just as important as getting, Sandra has put together programs that benefit the community like free skating for kids during school breaks, a literacy program for local libraries and schools that reward kids for reading with free skate passes and helping charitable organizations raise money. Sandra has 3 children and 6 grandchildren and skates as often as she can.

Closing the Orbit Skate Center in 2018 was a heartbreaking decision but the business climate where the rink is located simply wasn’t conducive to making a profit. After spending numerous years investing more money, more time and energy and rarely enjoying a day off, a decision had to be made and that decisions was to sell the building and move forward.

Helping Others Achieve Dreams

Sandra also has been helping other small businesses over the years with graphic design, print and their online presence. She has taught seminars on graphic design and Photoshop at the national convention for the Roller Skating Association.

Photo of roller skaters at Orbit Skate Center in Palatine Illinois
Merry Christmas from Windemere Design